Steven Acklin - NDEAM | Part 2

Issue 22, 10/14/2016

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Steven Acklin - NDEAM | Part 2

As we continue to celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month, it's important to recognize the impact of hiring someone with a disability. Businesses that hire individuals with disabilities will find countless benefits, strengthen their community and create an inclusive workplace. 

This week we take a closer look at Steven Acklin's employer, BPI, and how adding Steven to their team has helped them increase productivity and potential orders, create a better production flow and ultimately better serve their customers. BPI human resources manager, Hollie Engle, has been nothing but pleased with Steven's addition and said, "If you're not considering hiring someone with a disability, you're missing out on a great employee!" Click the picture below to see what BPI has to say about Steven.

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