2015 Make Your Mark! Conference

Issue 11, 8/9/2015

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ID Action

Make Your Mark! Conference


The ID Action Make Your Mark! Conference is an opportunity for Iowans with disabilities to learn and grow as advocates. 

                                                                                         Regular     Early Bird     Group
- Individual with a disability                                                    $100             $80            $75
- Direct care provider/family member                                   $100             $80            $75
with an individual with a disability 
- Professional or other                                                             $200             $175          $150
Register by September 16 to receive the early bird or group discount. 
Register online at www.advocacyuniversity.org or call 866-432-2846. To register a group of five or more click here to download the group registration card and send it back to: ID Action, P.O. Box 737, Des Moines, IA 50303.



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What Does Making Your Mark Really Mean? Supporting Each Other to Discover Our Best Work

This keynote session will help to answer the question: What does it really mean to make your mark and how do we support each other in the process? In Peter’s 30 years of getting to know, work with, and learn from people with disabilities, he has seen again and again how important it is to have well-supported supporters. (Say that three times fast!) The right match matters. This is a conversation about staying person-centered while recognizing the gifts that everyone brings and how everyone benefits when we listen, collaborate and celebrate with each other.


Telling Your Story

This professional storyteller will take you through the steps to write a story about yourself and your disability, or someone else's, in order to advocate for yourself and others or to let people understand you better. Maureen will teach you about the use of descriptive phrases, the development of plot and the emotional connections in stories. She will also teach you how to deliver a story in the most effective manner in order to make people want to listen. By the end of this session you should have a fairly well-formed story to hone and deliver.


Individual Rights and Substitute Decision-Making

The world of guardianship can be very trying and confusing. Guardianships, conservatorships and powers of attorney are frequently used, but often misunderstood, options for substitute decision-making. Join us as we navigate the various challenges that can arise. We will share a basic description of the options available and address alternatives to guardianship. Learn what to do if you don’t like or need your guardian, authority of a guardian and changing the authorities, powers that guardians have and powers people with guardians have. We will also discuss which rights are retained and the authorities and limitations of an individual serving as a substitute decision-maker.


If you are interested in exhibiting or sponsoring at the 2015 Make Your Mark! Conference please click here to find more information. 

Vidoe Contest

ID Action is pleased to host our first ever, Make Your Mark! Video Contest! The contest is a chance for Iowans with disabilities to show others around the state how they are making a difference in their community. So grab a friend and your phone, tablet or an old video camera and show us how you are making your mark as an advocate and a member of the community! To view the complete guidelines click here

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