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Iowans with Disabilities in Action Announces Rebrand

Thursday, June 28, 2018

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Iowans with Disabilities in Action Announces Rebrand

Des Moines, Iowa – June 28, 2018 – Iowans with Disabilities in Action, a project of Iowa Developmental Disabilities Council, is excited to announce the launch of its new visual identity. On Thursday, June 28, 2018, Iowans with Disabilities in Action, formerly referred to as ID Action, debuted its updated look that better represents the organization’s focus.

The organization’s logo has undergone a complete overhaul, with new design elements, colors and name representation. These changes reflect the current priority areas of the organization while allowing for future growth. “Our previous branding had been in place since the launch of the project in 2002,” stated Iowa Developmental Disabilities Council’s public policy manager, Rik Shannon. “Over the years, our focus has evolved based on the needs of our audience, Iowans with disabilities. It was time for us to evolve with them.” The rebranding changes are reflected across all resources and materials, from print materials to a new website.

The new Iowans with Disabilities in Action logo visually represents the mission of the organization, simply put: to move Iowans into action. The circular upward graphic component represents the idea that the organization is supporting Iowans with disabilities to stand up and take action — from voting to engaging in advocacy outreach efforts or becoming actively engaged in their communities.

The organization has also decided to drop the previous abbreviated version of its name, ID Action, in favor of the full name. “When out in public, there was often confusion around our name. Many people mistakenly assumed we had something to do with IDs,” said Shannon. “While it was a great opportunity to introduce them to what we actually do, we were obviously not immediately resonating with people.”

The organization’s purpose and focus remain the same: providing helpful information, resources and support to Iowans with disabilities to more effectively advocate for change. Resources and information can still be found at For questions or comments, please use our contact form on the website or call 866-432-2846.




Iowans with Disabilities in Action is a nonpartisan, statewide initiative dedicated to generating greater civic and political participation among people with disabilities. The purpose of this initiative is to offer unique tools intended to inform, educate and empower Iowans with disabilities to more effectively advocate for change that increases their opportunities to be productive, independent and included members of their communities.



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