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Partner Guest Article: Iowa Compass

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Iowa Compass provides information and referral services to all Iowans with disabilities and complex health conditions. We are based at the University of Iowa Healthcare's Center for Disabilities and Development, Iowa's University Center for Excellence on Developmental Disabilities. People can connect with Iowa Compass by phone, chat, text and email.

Visit our Contact Us page or call 800-779-2001. Our team of highly trained specialists can help you find a large array of resources across the life span. We work with service organizations throughout the state so we're able to point folks in the right direction. Even if we might not have all the answers, we can certainly connect you with those that do.

Visit our Community Resource Database at to find a wide array of local, state-wide, regional and national resources for Iowans with disabilities. Enter your zip code and use the category search to drill down. We use 11 different categories. You can also search by services designed for a specific health condition or population, by service keyword or by program name. 

The search is great when you're looking for resources for a specific individual, but if you're looking for resources in general or a list of contacts throughout the state use the Directory of All Services. That directory will generate hundreds of different types of services for Iowans with disabilities. You can get a full list without consideration of zip code or age.

We owe a lot to the organizations we list. They ensure that information on their services and support is up to date and accurately explained. Our trained team of database curators ensures these programs and services are continually updated and new ones are found. We also have a scholarship section. This list identifies postsecondary education scholarships for a wide variety of disabilities and complex health conditions.

We host numerous tip sheets covering a range of topics. Our most popular tip sheets are tax credits for people with disabilities, filing a discrimination complaint, finding accessible housing and crowdfunding tips.

Want to know what other people are searching for on our website?  Check out our Top Service Requests page. If you are interested in usage and searching data, check out our Web Reports page that digs into where people are searching, who they're connecting with and what search results are coming up as an unmet need.

Iowa Compass provides these services with Iowa Medicaid Enterprise funding that supports community integration for people with disabilities. Help us help others! Connect with our Facebook page, sign up for our newsletters, hand out stacks of our brochures or give us a call!