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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Our annual Make Your Mark! Conference took place September 27-28 at Honey Creek Resort in Moravia, Iowa. We were excited to welcome more than 150 participants to talk about living your best independent life!
This year we focused on Living Your Best Independent Life with session topics such as finances, cooking and employment, just to name a few.

Jason Freeman, from San Diego, CA was our keynote speakers and spoke about Learning to Love Your Imperfect Best. He talked about how scary it can be for any of us to live our best independent life because we fear that something might go wrong. In the face of this fear, it can be tempting to keep putting off what we want to do or not do it all. He shared ways to move forward and do the things we want to do instead of avoiding them out of fear of what might go wrong. Jason said, “Loving our Imperfect Best means we go after our goals and dreams even though we know there will be mistakes and uncertainties along the way.”

Dave Price, WHO-TV’s Political Director, spoke about what we hear a lot in the media today – Fake News. His session Fake News is no News helped attendees learn how to tell the difference between what is credible information and what is fake.

FOR MORE PHOTOS from the event, visit the photo gallery on our Facebook page. Don’t forget to tag us in your photos (@IDAction) from the event! Thank you to our sponsors: the Center for Disabilities and Development and the Iowa Association of Community Providers. We appreciate your support. We are planning for the 2019 Make Your Mark! Conference. Keep checking back on our website or our Facebook page to find out more.