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Look Out for Your Absentee Ballot Request Form in the Mail!

Monday, April 27, 2020
Absentee Request
Secretary Pate is encouraging Iowans to vote by mail in the June 2 primary to reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19.
If you are a registered voter, you will be receiving an absentee ballot request form in the mail. To avoid having to go to the polls in June for the primary election, you can fill out the absentee ballot request form and receive an absentee ballot in the mail.
You can send back your request for an absentee ballot now through May 22. County auditors begin mailing ballots on April 23.
This is What You Will Receive:
Ballot request

 Register to VOTE!

If you have not registered to vote or updated their registration, you should that now to ensure the absentee ballot request form goes to the correct address.
For the first time, Iowans who are 17 years old and will be 18 by November 3 can vote in the June primary. You can register to vote online or download a printable voter registration form at