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Brady Werger: Community Living Ambassador Feature

Monday, December 21, 2020

“Hi, my name is Brady Werger. I am 28 years old and live in a waiver home in Glenwood, IA. I came to live at the Glenwood Resource Center, an intermediate care facility, in 2011. Before my move to Glenwood, I lived in a brain injury facility in Carbondale, Illinois. At the age of four, I struggled with explosive anger outbursts, which caused me to display dangerous behaviors. I would hurt myself and others. When I arrived at the Glenwood Resource Center, my team of staff jumped right in and addressed my issues. They then helped me to set goals to work on and to not show the behaviors I was displaying prior to moving to Glenwood. After working on my barriers with my therapist, I noticed that my negative behaviors were improving. After years of focusing on my goals, I was able to work with my team of staff at the Glenwood Resource Center to make the next step in my life, which was to move into the community in a waiver home where I reside now.”

Visit this link to watch all of Brady’s story: Community Living Ambassadors: A project of Iowa’s UCEDD funded by the Iowa DD Counncil.