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Thursday, October 25, 2018

The 2018 mid-term elections will be held on Tuesday, November 6. Iowans with Disabilities in Action has partnered for many years with the Iowa secretary of state’s office to provide Iowans with the most accurate information on their voting rights and resources to help be engaged in the political process.

You can find information on our website at to get you ready to vote this November. The Iowa secretary of state’s office is striving to increase participation among Iowans with disabilities while maintaining the integrity of the vote. Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate said, “I’m proud that Iowa is one of the nation’s leaders in voting accessibility. I am committed to helping each eligible Iowan be a voter.”

  • Voting can present a unique set of challenges to people with disabilities. To ensure that all eligible Iowa voters can cast their ballot, Iowa has taken steps to ensure accessibility.
  • Voters have the right to have assistance. Voters may choose who helps them as long as it is not their employer or an officer of their union. If you need assistance from poll workers, let them know.
  • Voters can cast their ballots before Election Day. To vote early, submit a written request for an absentee ballot on or before October 27. Fill out the ballot and return it in-person or by mail. Go to to request an absentee ballot. A second option is to vote absentee in person. To do this, visit your county auditor’s office and fill out a ballot. You can also locate a satellite polling place in your community by calling your county auditor.
  • Voters have the right to have voting material in alternative formats as well as accessible equipment. Each polling place will have an electronic voting machine that has a braille keypad, and can read the ballot and mark the ballot for you.
  • Voters can vote curbside. To vote curbside, either call your county auditor or have someone go in and notify a poll worker that you want to vote curbside. Two poll workers, one Democrat and one Republican, will bring the ballot to you.

The secretary of state’s webpage, located here:, provides a one-stop shop to help Iowans with disabilities vote. There, you can register to vote online, download an absentee ballot request form and learn about available assistance at your polling site. You will also find videos detailing how to register to vote, what to expect at your polling site and how to use voting machines specifically designed for people with disabilities.

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