Join us on December 17 at 2:00 p.m. for a

LIVE webinar training on the Iowa Caucuses!


The Iowa Caucuses are fast approaching – Are you ready to participate?

Iowa is the first state where the people get a chance to look the next president of the United States in the eyes and size them up. The issues we bring up during the caucus season are reported throughout the country. We truly set the tone of the presidential debate and the issues that candidates talk about. As an Iowan you have a lot of power — don’t miss your opportunity to talk about what’s important to you.

Iowans with Disabilities in Action has developed a training to help you get ready for the Iowa Caucuses. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, then you should join us!

1. Are you intimidated by the thought of participating in the Caucuses?
2. Do you have questions about how to get ready to attend the Caucuses?
3. Are you unsure of what to expect once you get to your Caucuses?
4. Do you want to participate but also want to encourage others to participate including people with disabilities?

Iowans with Disabilities in Action wants to help launch you and your group into action. We’ve prepared this Iowa Caucus Training Webinar to explain the Iowa caucus process, answer some of your questions about the Iowa caucuses and to introduce you to the resources available through Iowans with Disabilities in Action and above all to motivate you to get involved and stay involved!


About Us!

Iowans with Disabilities in Action is a nonpartisan, statewide initiative dedicated to generating greater civic and political participation among people with disabilities.

Collectively, Iowans with disabilities could make up one of the state’s largest blocs of influence; however, research shows that a lack of confidence, apathy and other barriers prevent thousands from engaging in advocacy.

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Get Registered to Vote!

You have several options to get registered to vote:

Option 1: Register BY MAIL: Complete a voter registration application and send it to your county auditor. To get a voter registration form, click the Register To Vote By Mail button below. You can also vist your county courthouse, your driver’s license station, public assistance offices or state offices serving people with disabilities and get a voter registration form.

Option 2: Register to vote Online: Check out the graphic to the right and follow the steps to register to vote online. 

Option 3: ON ELECTION DAY: Register on Election Day at your polling place. You must provide proof of your identity and where you live. Visit or call 1-888-SOS-VOTE to find out what forms of identification are acceptable.


Online Voter Registration Register to Vote by Mail

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Additional Resources

Iowans with Disabilities in Action is a project of the Iowa Developmental Disabilities Council. The DD Council is a federally funded state agency that advocates for the development of services and supports so that Iowans with developmental disabilities can make choices and take control of their lives. Visit the DD Council website to learn more.

Don't forget to check out our advocacy forum (infoNET) for information, tools, resources and opportunities you need to take action on the issues important to you.